Mount Iron sits right on the edge of Wanaka township, so is a very popular track. Depending on time of day, you will encounter dog-walkers, the local fitness freaks on their daily runs, tourists or sunrise/sunset photographers.

Wanaka town from Mt Iron

We made a late decision to go up, so it was a brief activation and still quite busy approaching sunset. There is plenty of room at the summit, and a handy fence to use for antenna support.

At that time of day propagation was good on the lower bands, with some nice reports from VK on 40m. I would have liked to stay longer for other callers but we had to get down.

Log: 16 Apr 2017

A very easy summit with views that are worth the walk for any visitor to Wanaka, with or without a radio.

ZL3/OT-478 Mount Iron

Height: 548m ASL
Directions: There are several tracks to the top, the main one starts on SH84 Wanaka-Luggate Highway about 1.5km from central Wanaka
Time to summit: 40 min (240m ascent) from Wanaka-Luggate Highway
Summit marker: Trig beacon
Land access permission: Not required, public access to Mt Iron Scenic Reserve
Repeater access: Not tested
Cellphone access: Vodafone/2degrees 3G from the summit
Map: NZ Topo Map
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